The Story of How I Came to Mentor Ana Harris

Early this year, I came very close to leaving my involvement with the community of Moldies. Our sweet little cabin, our land, and the wide open spaces felt like enough. My health had recovered more than I could have even wished for. That was all I needed. In the mornings my husband and I would light a fire, drink coffee, and watch the antelope and larks through our windows. The snow-capped mountains and the Milky Way stretching across the sky so bright and clear every night were a constant reminder of the bigness of the world – of the universe – and the blessed tininess of me.

I could so easily have just faded away.

Then I got an email message from Ana Harris’  husband, Brett. He wondered if I would consult with them about his severely ill wife. They’d loved my book Camp Like a Girl and wanted to do what I done, to repeat my experiment as I had repeated Erik’s. They were willing to work with me intensely – to trust me – to follow my advice even if it disagreed with the group, because as Brett said, “We want to be you and your husband. Will you help us do that?”

Had I not been worried that I was going to lose my health insurance if I didn’t get my income up, I’m not sure I would have said “Yes.” To personally carry such an intensely sick young woman in my heart like that – to help her steer through this process that always felt to me like tap-dancing over laser beams – I just didn’t know if I could do it. I thought it might break my heart.

When I said “Yes”, they placed their trust in me as their teacher and mentor. They worked hard. They committed to quick decontamination. They watched their mindset. They called me when they got stuck. They let any storytelling that pushed them into fear and panic fall away. They waited to buy their van until Ana was out of the bulk of her detoxing.

Ana Harris’ remarkable recovery changed my mind about stepping back. Ana is an excellent writer in her own right, click the image below to read her piece “Day 72 | So, is it Lyme Disease or Mold?”

I know that there is more for me to do. There’s a contribution I can make in the realm of intense teaching that is exactly as I did with Ana. I have always had a knack for explaining difficult things and in creating shifts in thinking. To quell fear.

So I have decided to make myself available for more consulting for those who feel a strong resonance with my story – and with the way I worked myself back to health. Click here to go to my consulting page.

I would also like to make my style of mold avoidance and storytelling-based teaching available to more people who can’t afford intense mentoring as Ana did. So in addition to opening up more slots in my schedule for one-on-one coaching I’m working hard on recording hours of content. I’m also having it transcribed to make it highly searchable. I’m thinking I might offer it as a subscription site, but not exactly sure how it will turn out. Erik Johnson – the mack-daddy of mold avoidance whose expertise brought me back to health – is going to try to join me for some interviews which will be amazing! It makes me very happy to think that – if we find a good way to do a subscription site – he could reap some financial blessings from all the incredibly hard work he has done to teach the world about mold and mold avoidance.

If you click here you can subscribe to my website. I’m giving away 3 1-hour consults in June to new subscribers and you’ll also get a free download of my free e-book Best of the Blog.

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