Fleeing the Fire – Day Five – Get Busy Living



Get busy living or get busy dying. – Andy (and then later) “Red” in the Shawshank Redemption.

I wouldn’t say I am to full acceptance yet with this situation or this illness. Or mold avoidance, to be honest.

There is always a part of my brain trying to solve the puzzle of how to have maximum freedom in my future. I doubt that will ever truly stop.

But within that desire to solve the puzzle is also this: at least with Erik Johnson-mold avoidance, I can go running if I want to. ūüôā

So that is what I did this morning.

I went running and did some calisthenics.

And I did dishes and made breakfast. I returned emails and planned my week.

Life keeps happening no matter where we are.

This afternoon, my husband and I went for a Sunday drive.

We were both a little grouchy from the heat, and that is kind of fun sometimes. Being grouchy together.

And – hey! – the fire is now 3% contained.

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of  Camp Like a Girl and Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out.

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