Fleeing the Fire – Day Six – Thrivey

Ana Harris was sitting across the table from me at our mutual favorite pizza place. Her contagious laughter was a balm for my worried mind.

Her sun-kissed nose and wide, bright smile brought to my mind the word “thrivey.”

As in: This girl become positively thrivey since the last time I saw her!

I couldn’t quite say thriving, though. Because, I knew the truth.

For some of us, extreme mold avoidance is an opportunity that borders on magical in the opportunity it provides to heal. But it is not pure magic.

Away from mold – or whatever it is in these water-damaged building that has ruined us – people like me and Ana can really thrive.

But with a teensy-weensy bit of exposure in our early healing, we can really suffer again. Fast. (The more you heal, the more you can take, thankfully, but the amount you can take does seem to be much smaller than what it was before you got sick.)

So maybe we need our own words. Words that celebrate the freedom and vitality, but keep us respectful of the vulnerability.

Like: thrivey or healthful.

Of course, we’d all take thrivey over sick 100 times out of 100, though. 100 times out of 100.

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of  Camp Like a Girl and Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out.

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