Fleeing the Fire – Day Eight – Purposeful Movements

When I woke up, my bull-in-china-shop clumsiness was wildly apparent in my collection of mystery bruises. Yikes.

I took a deep breath and made my plan for a day that would require some mental discipline.

Years of managing my incredibly fragile back had taught me the power of slowing down and using purposeful movements. My clumsiness was a sign that my brain was still inflamed, but I knew I could take better care of myself if I cultivated an attitude of careful focus for the day.

I needed to think before I moved my body. And when I did move, I needed to do it in biomechanically- smart ways.

So I set myself up a workstation in the gazebo of the campground. I slowly prepared myself some coffee. I paid attention to just the task of hand-grinding my coffee and then watched carefully as I poured the hot water over the grinds in the French Press pot.

I gave myself three solid hours to focus on my work and then stopped to make a real lunch.

Then, I got my PV system organized and set up with two additional solar panels.

After that was accomplished, I carefully did my laundry, and hung it on the line. When my sheets were dry, I remade my bed.

I did a couple more hours of work, made myself a real dinner and had a lovely chat with a new friend.

I got a lot done and – most importantly – got my bed all clean and healing again.

It led to a really, really great night’s sleep and – spoiler alert – the next day I didn’t have to focus on my movements. I just had a easy, fun, genuinely fantastic day. ūüôā

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of  Camp Like a Girl and Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out.

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