Fleeing the Fire – Day Seven – Clumsiness

Julie Rehmeyer gave me a pep talk today. She said the same things my mom, dad, and husband keep saying, but it felt so great to hear it from a fellow moldie who has gotten so much better from extreme mold avoidance. She reminded me of how far I have come and that I haven’t really been doing Erik Johnson-style avoidance for that long.

She also said that I don’t need a huge medical breakthrough to get to a whole new level of resilience and added the encouragement:

“In another year, you will be so much more robust.”

Thanks, Julie! <3

(If you haven’t read Julie’s book, it is SO AMAZING! I have already heard many stories of it healing hearts and helping to mend relationships from the mold avoiders I am coaching and mentoring.)

You have probably noticed that Julie is re-he-heally smart. Like wowsa, she is smart. I have discovered that having a conversation with her is a good test of how brain fogged I am. And as we talked, I could definitely tell I was STILL feeling the effects of the fire. Ugh.

I gotta get my bedding cleaned up! I thought.

We ended our conversation, and two minutes later I absolutely crushed my phone. I slammed it so hard in the door of my van that I shattered the screen and bent the battery.

As the day wore on, I cut myself twice. I dropped and broke a brand new BPA-free 2-gallon water bottle.  I slammed and banged my way around my campsite like an awkward, clumsy puppy. I completely forgot to eat lunch.

After a lackluster dinner of 3-layer bean dip with broken chips crumbled on top, I finally called it a day. Too worn out to deal with chores, I left my food on the table and my dishes totally NOT cleaned up.

Instead of being responsible, I just washed my head, put on my pajamas, crawled into bed and then binge-watched How I Met Your Mother until I fell asleep.

(Not surprisingly, a raccoon showed up and ate the rest of my dinner a couple of hours later. Woops!)

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of  Camp Like a Girl and Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out.

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