Fleeing the Fire – Day Nine – A Genuinely Fantastic Day

I had such a great day! Yay!

Here is how it went:

Got up, and went for a longish walk/run. Jammed out to Public Enemy, Kasabian, and Paul Simon as I did. Felt that deep, deep joy in life and movement again. Woot.

Made coffee and breakfast. Did three mold coaching consults with three amazing people and got a huge dose eudamonic happiness from that. <3

Had bone broth soup for lunch. Yum! Talked to my mama on the phone while I ate.

She told me how proud of me she is and said, “I have not seen you this healthy since you were 18. Be patient with yourself, honey. You are doing an amazing thing.”

Took apart a portable Haier washing machine I just bought to investigate potential mold issues. (Made one simple alteration to help it dry out faster. This one looks pretty good guys and you can manually add water so you don’t need a faucet.)

I then marveled as I watched it agitate my clothes for nearly a half hour while I built this cool hanging shower curtain.

Then I emptied my coolers and cleaned them really well so they could sit overnight and dry.

I took a 3-gallon shower in my new shower stall and it felt scrubuliciously decadent! Ahhh…

For dinner I made pasta cooked in bone broth with spicy red sauce with olives on the side and mango for dessert. It was just what I cobbled together from my remaining food so I could give my coolers a rest.

But I got to share my meal with a fellow camper. The company and a little red wine on the side made the meal feel like a real treat.

It was a wonderful day, a day when being alive felt like the joy it really is.

Sara Riley Mattson is the author of  Camp Like a Girl and Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out.

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