Gupta and Healing

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I posted. I hope you are all well!

Thank you to everyone who is a newsletter subscriber – the responses to my last newsletter were so heartwarming. Being able to go to London was a very big milestone for me in my recovery.

If you haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, I shared some great news about my hyper-reactivity improving. It was a combination of things that got me there, but most important was the belief that I could heal. If you’d like to learn more about The Gupta Programme – which was important in that healing – click here to go to his website.

You can read an interview with my husband about the program here. Peter calls The Gupta Programme his “toolkit for inner peace” and – in that great way that he does – explains so well why it is simple and special.

My take on The Gupta Programme is similar to Peter’s. I think that mold illness likely has two stages: the first is toxicity+hyperreactivity and the second is residual hyper-reactivity. I think that the second stage can last a lifetime and can cause just as much runaway inflammation as the toxicity stage does.

The Gupta Programme gives you a way to repair the limbic system.¬† I think it is plausible that the amygdala/limbic system could get directly traumatized by mycotoxins traveling up the olfactory nerve. There is only a two synapse gap between the olfactory nerve bulb and the amygdala and mycotoxins can travel directly along that path. It makes sense to me that some repair might by needed. So I’ll always be a mold avoider in the sense that it matters to me to live in a healthy home. ūüôā

The Gupta Programme works on resetting the fight or flight response but it also works on repairing the entire body and mind by making it easier to put yourself into a state of parasympathetic rest.




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