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Sara’s new book, Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out, is available in e-book format here. Print version coming soon!
Praise for Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out:
“Wow, this book is AMAZING. Amazing gets overused but I’m using it here in the truest sense. This story is told so poignantly – with such grace. It is a true gift – so abundantly powerful. I really valued and appreciated how the author walks the reader though the experience of it all – and how she conveys such hope! It is clear that the author put her heart and soul into writing this so that others can benefit from what she learned. Immense wisdom is offered. This book offers healing and hope!
If you experience chronic migraines or any chronic pain for that matter – READ THIS!!!! I imagine so many people who are struggling with migraines will find this book extremely validating, meaningful and life-changing.”
-Martha Golden, PsyD
Sara Riley Mattson’s beautifully-written, Camp Like a Girl, is available now in e-book format and in print on Amazon.
Praise for Camp Like a Girl:

In this humorous memoir and technical guide, Sara Riley Mattson shares the story of converting her cargo van into a mold-resistant camper in order to pursue a full recovery from mold toxicity and biotoxin illness. Along the way, she charms with her intimate writing style and dedication to helping others live well, be healthy, and explore our beautiful world.


I also needed to feel safe, and I didn’t feel safe at all in a home made from drywall and particle board cabinetry. With the exception of high-quality hardwood, whenever I looked at the way houses were made now, it was like looking at mold restaurants.

“Welcome to our new restaurant, Mr. and Mrs. Mold. On the menu tonight we have some damp drywall, a nice assortment of ply woods and particle boards, and some fantastic dusts we have been letting age in the duct work. If you’d like to stay for a while, we have some special dust-filled insulation and carpet I think you will find quite cozy. Oh, and of course, for the benefit of any little mold children that might come along, we have the full assortment of anti-fungal paint and fungicide-resistant genes already in full complement in our facilities. All mold offspring from this establishment have shown full resistance to these rather pitiful human attempts to control our numbers.”

Praise for Camp Like a Girl:

“The authenticity is warm & palpable. I feel like I sat around a campfire with a new friend who somehow already knew me and from whom I learned much, not just about conversions and overcoming illness, but about life, especially about resilience and how tenacity, when tempered with gratitude and optimism and sprinkled with creativity, doesn’t strain your forearms or leave your fingers permanently clenched. It gives you freedom to let go of fear and lay hold of peace and joy.” – Brooke Young