Just Read: Dark Matter

Just Read: Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Wow, this was a fun read. Started it yesterday and finished it tonight. Like many Sci-Fi writers of our generation, Crouch uses the storytelling device of the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics to frame his story. But Dark Matter is not a yawning “good Captain Kirk” vs. “evil Captain Kirk” use of the idea of multiple timelines. Rich with imagery and emotion, the device is used flawlessly, masterfully, to build suspense and drive the plot. Easily my favorite book of 2016.

Quotes I want to remember from Dark Matter:

If you strip away all the trappings of personality and lifestyle, what are the core components that make me me?”

Until everything topples, we have no idea what we actually have, how precariously and perfectly it all hangs together.”

Recommended if you liked: Andy Weir’s The Martian, Philip K Dick’s Man in the High Castle or Greg Bear’s Cosmos.