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About Sara:

Sara Riley Mattson lives her life by the credo: “There must be a way.” She has had several severe bouts of mold/biotoxin illness and struggled with extreme, often debilitating, chronic back pain and PTSD for many years. Signs of mold/biotoxin illness began for her at age 11 with a year of chronic vomiting and epilepsy and continued throughout her life with diagnoses of arthritis, herniated discs, severe anemia, depression, anxiety, insomnia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, gastritis, gall stones, severe chronic laryngitis, fibroids, Valley Fever, chronic migraines, tremors, rosacea, neuropathy, gait problems, anaphylactic allergies, arrhythmia, chronic rashes, and POTS.

Sara describes Erik Johnson-style extreme mold avoidance in her book, Camp Like a Girl, as an “…unexpected answer to a very long list of health problems from which I have been wishing for relief nearly all of my life.”

Before embracing mold avoidance and a nature-centered approach to healing, Sara describes her remissions from mold/biotoxin illness as being “as close to health as I could fake. I wanted a great life, and if that meant seven prescription medicines a day, steroid injections into my spine, countless physical therapy sessions, and protracted nagging anxiety and insomnia, I was okay with that.” Upon discovering and wholeheartedly embracing Erik Johnson’s mold avoidance techniques, Sara experienced a near-full recovery of her lifelong struggle with illness.

Sara’s book, Camp Like a Girl: Finding Health and Wellness in Nature, is available on Amazon. For the Kindle version click here and for the print version click here. Her newest book, Migraine: Finding My Own Way Out, is available here.

Recent Reviews of Sara’s Coaching:

“I started extreme mold avoidance just over five years ago. In that time, thanks to the dedication of a few patients and advocates, the word has spread enormously about the value of mold avoidance for some of us. It’s become much less of a cult thing as more people have benefited from it. And it’s such a joy watching people get better.

It’s also become easier to do. If I were advising a prospective mold avoider now, the first thing I would recommend is that they hire Sara as a coach. She converted a van into a mold-safe living space for herself, and she gives all the details in her book, Camp Like a Girl. She’s practical, keeps things simple, and has an enormous emotional groundedness (essential for this hard path!). Having her help would save a new mold avoider from a thousand missteps.” – Julie Rehmeyer, author of Through the Shadowlands, A Science Writer’s Odyssey into an Illness Science Doesn’t Understand

“I had the pleasure of speaking with Sara tonight. She makes you feel so comfortable. Like an old friend, someone you’ve known all your life. She knows how to take the science of what we are going through, and break it down, in very simple ways to understand. Everybody need a cheerleader in their life. Someone who has been there, done that, and healed. She will teach you the tools you need in order to help yourself. She’s a fantastic communicator and such a supportive, loving person! You will not regret hiring Sara as a consultant!” – Sarah Jester

“I was yelling…OMG OMG OMG!  I had just shoved a fresh raw garlic clove on my mouth.  Sara Riley Mattson was on the phone and had said it would help. I kept talking, peeled a clove and started chewing.  I did it without a second thought because immediately I trusted in her with every ounce of my being.  It was potent….and it worked.

Sara was such a sweetheart sharing all her thoughts and knowledge of how to survive this mold and chemical sensitivity I had been facing. After about forty five minutes she had given me new ideas and more importantly brought up things I knew that had worked before. This was key because while successful each thing had been miniscule alone. When Sara put them together in an amazing explanation of why they worked suddenly things started to click in me.

While not a new mold and chemical avoider, I had my own FB group, I was still struggling with several crucial issues I had yet to overcome. Sara made it feel like there was real hope to solve this quicker then I expected.

Each thing she suggested made sense and it works. She presents things simply with unbelievable patience and such kindness.

Whether you are new to mold and chemical avoidance, or a seasoned avoider, I would not only encourage but highly suggest trying at least one session with Sara.  She might open your eyes to a new future right around the corner.” – Tia Demure, curator of the group Mold and Chemical Sensitivity Lifestyle

“I highly recommend consulting with Sara Mattson. She is a great teacher and coach who used strict mold avoidance to recover her own health. Her mentoring is a big part of the reason I’m recovering so quickly. Brett and I were able to learn from her experiences and her encouragement helped us through the days we felt like quitting. I’m sure the journey would have taken us much, much longer if we had to figure everything out on our own.” – Ana Harris of

“Preparing to embark on an extreme mold avoidance recovery journey, while dealing with multitude of symptoms and stressors is a daunting experience! I was so fortunate to win a free consultation with Sara during her June giveaway. Consulting with Sara has been the most reassuring experience I have had since I started researching biotoxin illness. I now have the confidence to move forward and pursue the lifestyle that is necessary for healing. Sara’s experience, wisdom, courage and compassion are evident in her writing as well as her counseling. She has been through everything I am about to go through, she knows the ins and outs of extreme mold avoidance, decontamination, detox, and recovery. It is wonderful to know she is available to help me every step of the way!” Cheryl Boese, RN

“Sara is such an incredible teacher, coach, and cheerleader. Ana would not be where she is today without her help. I think anyone considering mold avoidance should pay to consult with Sara FIRST. It will be well worth the money. I’m certain she saved us thousands of dollars just by helping us avoid serious mistakes.” -Brett Harris author of Do Hard Things

“I’m very glad I reached out to Sara. I think I’d have benefited from beginning consults with her much earlier in my journey. Because of talking with Sara, the stress I experience around mold, mold hits, cleaning for mold, etc has decreased significantly, and I no longer feel so  much panic. She is a comrade in arms who’s helped me simplify my journey and become much more matter-of-fact about all of this.” -Lisa Grove

“I wanted to encourage anyone who is seeking more one-on-one guidance/mentorship to touch base with Sara.  After my first chat with her, I already felt so much less anxious and more prepared for my travels in the coming months. She has a lot of knowledge to offer and is very easy to talk to.” -Grateful Smith

“Oh my gosh I cannot even articulate how thrilled and relieved I am to have had a conversation with someone who has figured out what I’m trying to do. It’s an amazing sense of emotional connection and validation but on top of that it will save me tons of money by not having to make all the mistakes that she’s already made. I don’t have money to waste and this is a perfect investment.” -Holly Noonan

“I have used Sara’s services in her home, in my home and online. She is an amazing teacher whose zest for knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge is truly inspirational in any venue she is teaching. Although I used Sara’s personal training services, she inspired me to begin taking guitar lessons after she shared her music with me during a training session. Sara is one of the best teachers I’ve had over my lifetime.” -Lori Boisen


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